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●Introducing teaching jobs
●Support for your career development
●Support for opening your international preschool 


OBPJOB is a group of professionals who have a very good understanding of Japanese early childhood education settings. Our staff will listen to your story and will introduce jobs based on not only your skills and experiences but also what it is YOU want to do in the future! 


OBPJOB は日本の幼児教育・保育の専門家として、日本で働く外国人講師の皆さん に、就職紹介だけでなく、将来の可能性についてもサポートいたします。 


Introducing teacher job

Introduce job of ・Nursery school teacher 

  • Kindergarten teacher
  • International preschool teacher
  • Other kind of childcare facility staff 

Please send us your resume in English 
What else you need to send with your resume when you send it

  • Cover letter in English ( in Japanese too, if possible)
  • Photo
  • JLPT certification if you have obtained(This will help us to know your Japanese language skills.) 
  • Copy of your teacher’s license in your country (if you have)
  • Status of residence visa, its duration, and the period of residence 

Please send it to job@obp.academy
We will review the information and contact you!
Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions. 

Support for your career development

To get a better benefit as a nursery teacher in Japan, OBPJOB recommend 

  • Obtaining a qualification of Hoikushi (National license)
  • Obtaining a qualification of Kosodate Shien-In(Hoikushi-lite) 

(Municipality childcare qualification)
More information about licenses 
click here for more information: https://obp.academy 
Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3 level or more
click here for more information:Japanese Language Study Course

Support for opening your international preschool


  • Opening your own international preschool
  • Transforming an English conversation school business into a profitable school/company.
  • Selling or purchasing preschools 


Counseling is free!

  1. How much does it cost?
  2. What procedures do I need to follow before opening an international preschool?
  3. How to recruit students? 
  4. etc.


OBP support is easy to understand and affordable.
If you are interested in opening or managing an international school, if your current English school is not doing well, or if you are considering transferring or acquiring an international school, etc., please contact us for a free consultation.
インターナショナルスクールの開園にご興味のある方はぜひ OBPJOB にご相談ください。 

Please contact at job@obp.academy 


Click here   https://obp.academy